Our Denture Services in Chesapeake & Newport News, VA

Our friendly, knowledgeable dentists and staff along with highly skilled lab technicians are with you every step of the way to help you feel better about your smile.  We offer denture services to fit all budges and needs.  Whether you choose our most affordable, or our highest quality denture, all are hand-crafted using only ADA (American Dental Association) approved materials.  And because we insert dentures immediately after extractions, you will never have to be without your smile.

  • Receive a Complementary denture consultation
  • Select from six styles of full and partial dentures
  • Enjoy the convenience of our on-site lab
  • Same day dentures service is available

We know just how important it is to have a confident smile, especially to the denture wearer.  When crafting dentures, Dr. Willis and his associates carefully select teeth to complement the size, shape, and color of the person's mouth and face.  Teeth are set in an individualized manner considering each person's gender, age, and personality.


Custom Economy Denture

Full Set Dentures  $425.00
Full or Partial Denture (Each)              



Custom Denture

Full Set Dentures  $499.00
Full or Partial Denture (Each)               $325.00

Deluxe Denture

Full Set Dentures     $1050.00
Full or Partial Denture (Each)               $615.00



Premium Dentures  

Full or Partial Denture (Each)             $900.00



Cast Metal Partial Denture

Upper or Lower Partial (Each)              $1200.00



Virginia Partial Denture

Upper or Lower Partial Denture (Each)  $1250.00



Hidden Clasp Partial Denture

Upper or Lower Patrial (Each)  $1250.00