Denture Pricing Options

A New Smile Has Never Been More Affordable!

Our friendly, knowledgeable dentists and staff along with highly skilled lab technicians are with you every step of the way to help you with your selection and to feel better feel about your smile.  We offer denture services to fit all budgets! Whichever affordable denture you choose, all are hand-crafted.  And because we can place dentures immediately after extractions, you will never have to be without your smile.

  • Free Denture Consultation ( exam and x-rays needed for natural teeth $155.00)
  • Warranties Available (details available at your first appointment)
  • All our Dentures include Wax-Tryins.  You approve the appearance (Smile Approval!) before     processing the final denture.
  • No Charge for Adjustments for the life of the denture
  • Select from many styles of full and partial dentures
  • Enjoy the convenience of our on-site denture lab
  • Same day dentures service is available (appointment required after consultation and impressions) 


Economy Denture

Full Set Dentures  $525
Full or Partial Denture (Each)                         $395

Premium Denture

Full Set Dentures                                                    $1495
Full or Partial Denture (Each)                          $825



Ultra Advanced Denture  

Full Set Dentures                                                $2200
Full or Partial Denture (Each)  $1295



Cast Metal Partial Denture

Upper or Lower Partial (Each)                          $1250

Other Services


Reline                                                                            $300

Rebase                                                               $325 - $490

Gold Tooth                                                                     $200

Simple Extraction                                                            $99

Surgical Extraction                                                      $250

Denture Repairs                                                $150 - $375

     (degree of difficulty and need for impression)

   Esthetic  (non metal) Clasps                             $200 each

X-ray (full mouth series)                                              $100

Panoramic X-Ray                                                         $100

Comprehensive Exam                                                     $55






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